Getting Settled

We're finally getting settled in our new place, and I'm really loving it! I wish I didn't have such a fierce motivation to get settled because it can be a bit daunting. For weeks I spent any free time I had searching and analyzing floor rugs, but in the end we went with the first one we considered- something inexpensive from IKEA. Interesting how all that works! Note to self: just go with your gut and the beginning, and than save your self the trouble. But that's kind of how I work. I have a hard time making a decision until I have researched every possible alternative so that I know I am making the best choice. But goodness, it takes time! And I need to remind myself for next time, that it's not worth "stopping the presses!" to make sure I love all the decor in my life. Greg is slowly teaching me what things I might need to worry less about. Thank you Greg! 

We've been busy eating a crazy amount of peaches, making new embroideries (a window is the cheapest light box!), and trying to find a place for all of our belongings. We're also spending lots of time prepping for our big trip! 

Last Saturday, we went to the Salty Bike Revival motorcycle show. They had a bunch of professionals and amateurs that had rebuilt their motorcycles. Greg was in heaven! The street out front reminded me of the pictures I have seen from Sturgis, South Dakota (where they have a big Harley pilgrimage every year). There were bikes everywhere and it was fun to see the motorcycle scene of Salt Lake City. 

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