July 2015

July has come and gone! This year there was a little more anticipation than usual. My company was in charge of the marketing for the Days of '47 rodeo. We started working on it in April, so when it finally came around there was a lot of hype and build up. I designed the website.  Martha and I worked together on a lot of the other details, so we decided we ought to go to the parade too. And of course we showed up in matching hats! 

Later that night, we went to the rodeo and got to sit in the VIP section with all-you-can-eat ribs and brisket and pork and cobbler. It was delicious! My cowboy even took a turn on the mechanical bull, and rocked it. It was lovely that we could just walk from our apartment to the trax station and ride it to the arena. Evenings like that make me feel very urban. It's been nice living so close to the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

To fill out the rest of the month, we spent lots of time with the Snyder clan. The Wood family was in town for the bulk of the month, so we got to do lots of swimming and chilling at home. It was also my mom's birthday and Melissa made her a delicious carrot cake and I pulled out the embroidery hoop and made her a little dish towel of our house. And a picture with Greg got added to the Snyder family gallery wall! So it's official, he's in the family!

I love the picture of my nephews watching Greg wash up his dirt bike. He's had a lot of good rides this summer out to 5-mile pass and he always comes home so happy and rejuvenated. I love how much he loves to get out there and adventure it up in the open land that we love.

I also love watching Greg work on his dirt bike. It's mesmerizing like watching a Bob Ross painting, but it's even better because I get to be married to the artist. It always amazes me that he understands what all the little parts do and how to fix them and what types of chemicals they need to run smoothly. I took the boys out in the yard to watch with me while we went back and forth between games of duck, duck, goose. Or as Matilda likes to call it, "Bunny, bunny, Easter." Love having those sweet kids around!

This summer is shaping up to be one of the best ones yet.

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