Walking Through the Avenues

I used to live in the Avenues when I first moved to Salt Lake City. It was so charming. And now that I've lived in other places in the city, I totally understand why it's such a popular neighborhood. There's not much traffic and it's perfect for walking around. 

My second date with Greg involved a long walk around the Avenues. And pretty much every week after that included walks throughout the neighborhood. In fact, I dare say, that all of our most important conversations about our future happened hand-in-hand avoiding the choppy pavement surfaces on the sidewalk. Although we did pause a few times. There is a particular bench at the elementary school nearby that we used to sit at and chat when the conversations were getting serious enough that we ought to look at each other. And then another time, we stopped at the top of the neighborhood near the Capitol overlook, and Greg proposed

Sometimes I like to take walks up there during my lunch break and this particular day I was feeling sentimental so I thought I'd snap a few photos. The summer is the best, and I'm glad I have such a pretty place to enjoy my lunch. 

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