A Belgian Food Stop




The most delicious hour of our entire trip was in Belgium! When we were making our travel plans, we were going to be taking a train from Paris to the south of The Netherlands. We considered taking a day to spend in Belgium, but we wanted to see and do more in The Netherlands, so we settled for just a quick stop in Antwerp.

When Greg was on his mission, there was a period of time when he would come to Antwerp every month for a meeting with other missionaries in the region. So he knew this train station really well! When our train stopped, we ran as fast as we could to the first Belgian waffle shop we could see. We started plain- just a normal waffle with the caramelized sugar from the waffle iron, sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. It was incredible!!

After we finished our waffle, we headed outside to find some doner kebabs. I heard more about these kebabs than any other food Greg tried on his mission. He knew exactly where he wanted to go and ordered for us- sauces and foods I had never heard of or seen! Our chicken kebabs came out in these amazing pita-like, baguette-like shell with cabbage and the most amazing sauces. The frites on the side were served were darling little mini forks. Yum!

We did have a rude awakening in Belgium- no one would take our credit cards! After we ordered our food, we realized we didn't have enough euros in cash to pay but the shop didn't take credit cards, so Greg had to go walk around for about 15 minutes until he found at ATM (the longest we were apart for 2.5 weeks)! Luckily he did and it was totally fine. But when we got to The Netherlands, we learned that they don't take credit cards either. You have to either have a local bank credit card or cash. Luckily it was totally fine, and we were able to use debit cards at the ATM everywhere we went.

Back to Belgium...

After we ate our doner kebabs, we went back to the train station and got another waffle for the road. This time we fancied it up and added freshly whipped cream. It was a dream! Definitely the best pit stop I've ever taken.

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