All Around Normandy







After being in England for 4 days, we headed to France!

We took the Eurostar from London to Paris, and then boarded another train to go from Paris to Caen. In Caen, we rented a car at the train station. It was a welcome sight to have a car again! Greg loves driving and I love being in control of where we're going and not having to rely on public transport. Win, win!

On our first day there, we went to the grocery stores in Caen and admired al the different foods and products. I really enjoyed visiting the Monoprix because they had great food and cute clothes. I have read a lot about French grocery stores from the blogs I've read and they were just as cool as I hoped!

From Caen (the biggest city in Normandy), we drove about 40 minutes northwest to the small town of Bayeux. We walked around that charming little town and had one of our favorite meals of the trip. I got a delicious salad and Greg got the largest cheese crepe I had ever seen. Ordering was pretty tricky in French, but we did our best! (Correction, Greg did his best. I sat there awkward and nervous. But he was a pro and did all of our ordering for the remainder of the trip. :)

The next few days were spent closer to the beach at our AirBNB rental and all of the American D-Day memorials. But these are a few pictures we took on our drives around Normandy. We loved all the little roads we drove through in Normandy. It felt like going back in time because all of the roads were very narrow- there were no street signs or stoplights. If another car was coming towards you, one car would have to pull off the road so the other could pass by. We would spend several minutes driving through really lush roads with trees and bushes arcing over the car. And then we would pop out of it and realize we were in the middle of a farm or a huge open space. The drives were just so wonderful.

There are lots of pretty little port towns with sailboats and huge boardwalks. The bulk of our visit was at low tide, so we got to see a lot of boats stuck in the mud! The two other towns photographed here are Port-en-Bessin and Grandcamp-Maisy. We don't have the fondest memories of Grand-camp Maisy. We did some research ahead of time to find a great place to eat but we were sorely disappointed by our meal. We had probably the worst customer service I've experienced and burned creme brulee. But, the sailboats sure looked pretty!

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