Borough Market

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend, Melissa, we went to this amazing place called Borough Market. It's kind of like a farmer's market, except that it's open everyday. Many of the vendors open for lunch and mid-morning snacks throughout the week. I had heard such good things about this place, that I purposely found an apartment rental near here for our stay. Unfortunately we ended up being able to visit one time, but it was worth it! There were so many different foods to see- home made marshmallows, foccacias, paella, nut mixes, even Carolina BBQ. 

I quickly learned how important the food experience is to my travel. Greg and I went to so many grocery stores on our trip because A- food, and B- it's fascinating to see what other countries are eating, what they snack on, what's a quick lunch. Borough Market was a great intro to the London food world. 

We got this amazing steak and ale pie at the market. This was #1 of Greg's London food list, so a big open market seemed like the perfect place to try it. In the photo above, you can see Greg's hand through the window exchanging pounds with the seller. They served our pie aside mashed potatoes and gravy- and it was incredible! Warm, hearty, tender meat, flaky crust, big chunks of soft onions. It was one of our favorite meals and the perfect accompaniment to the rainy, foggy day in London town. (There had to be at least one reference to Michael Buble! This song was in my head the whole time we were there.)

Caught red-handed! We lost each other in the market. I was off taking pictures of everything I saw, and he was off trying to get as many samples as possible. 

We were able to pick up a few fun things to have a picnic lunch the next day. Some fruits, breads, cheese, and ham. We felt very European! 

Checkout this pan in the photo below... Great for serving a crowd! A lot of the vendors had these HUGE pans with a ton of food. They would fill a spoon or spork and give it out as samples. Then if you wanted to buy, they would fill you up a bigger scoop in a container. Once they were out of the food in the pan, they were out! Kind of a cool idea, like the way we make donuts in the states.

Our first ice cream of the trip! This little gelateria was adorable! But we mostly appreciate the chocolate fountain that was constantly running. If you request chocolate, the gal would put but the bowl by the fountain and let it fill the bottom with warm molten chocolate, then put the gelato on top. Muy Bien! 

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