Driving Through the Dutch Countryside








Vlissingen is on the southwestern corner of The Netherlands. We rented a car there and drove to Nijmegen, which is on the eastern end of the country. The day of our drive was very, very rainy. It was rather convenient because we drove across the entire country in our warm rental car and didn't have to deal with the rain too much. We drove through all the dykes and these beautiful little towns, while we listened to podcasts and soft music. It was a nice, calm day in the middle of our trip.

I had gotten soaked in the morning. We walked in the rainstorm to where we had parked the rental car, and we learned that my jacket was not waterproof as we had previously assumed. I was literally soaked through all layers of clothing. So luckily I was able to change in the car, and I bundled up with all of Greg's clothes. Also lucky for me, he packs so well that he brought two waterproof jackets, so I got to wear his jacket the rest of the trip. His preparedness never ceases to amaze!

We drove to Nijmegen, checked into our AirBNB and then jumped back in the car to drive an hour north to the town of Zutphen. One of the members that Greg was friends with had recently moved up there and she was going in for an operation the next day, so we went up as quickly as we could to have a visit with her. We had a lovely Indonesian dinner and ice cream with her and her husband, Ton. I loved meeting them and getting to hear about what it's like to live in their country and how their church work influences their lives. She was so sweet and kept asking me if it was OK to hold Greg's hand and give him a hug. We're so glad we were able to travel their way and meet with them. A real highlight of our trip!

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