Jamie Oliver, Recipease

Jamie Oliver has a bunch of restaurants and we found this awesome one in Notting Hill! I came out of the subway and I saw all these cool looking gadgets and great typography all over the windows, and I got really excited. We slowly walked past and then Greg said, "Why don't we just go in? You're practically drooling out here." 

So we went in and took a luck. Everything was beautiful! They have this big open kitchen on the bottom floor so you can see the chefs working. And then around 11 am, they display all these pretty salads and sandwiches that you can buy as a meal or a-la-carte. And the people who worked there were so nice! Some of the nicest people we talked to in our entire London experience. It was one of those places that just made me really happy for the way they appreciate food and treat it with care. Everything was beautifully curated and so, so delicious. A feast for the belly and the eyes!

You know something is good if it makes me want to take out my sketch book and document every ingredient. Greg's steak sandwich was on a baguette with a mayo and dijon spread, it was topped with thinly sliced steak, roasted red and yellow peppers, and sprinkled with arugula. He got a side of potato salad with whole boiled potatoes and it had the lightest dill dressing with sliced radishes. 

I got egg salad on brioche. I'm not usually a big egg salad fan, but I knew a place like this would do it right and do it well! My salad was a chickpea base with huge chunks of feta. Muy bien! 

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