Liberty of London



Liberty of London! The best, most beautiful fabric in all the world. 

I only learned about Liberty fabrics about 10 years ago, but I've been a big fan ever since. Liberty fabrics are famous because of there real small scale florals. The quality is really nice in their "tana lawn" fabrics. I have bought a couple small pieces through the years, but they are very, very expensive. I decided that I would just start collecting small pieces so that at some far away date, I will finally have enough to make a quilt. Which means that when you're at a thrift store and you see an XS J Crew shirt that used Liberty fabrics, you buy it and cut it up. Guilty!

Several months ago I was reading a quilter's blog post about a new Liberty quilt she had just made. It was beautiful and perfect in every way. And I thought, that's it! I have got to go to there. So I texted Greg and said, "I really think we need to go to Europe. I just really want to go to the Liberty of London store." So a couple weeks later, we booked our flight and made this dream a reality! As Greg said, "He just wants all my little girl dreams to come true!" 

Could he be any more perfect? 

We first went to the big Liberty flagship store. It was lovely and beautiful, and most of the pictures from this post are from there. But even though I was prepped for the cost of the fabric, I just couldn't swallow the high cost! So I bought a small piece of fabric and just window shopped the rest, while Greg patiently napped on a nearby chair. 

A fellow quilter told me about another store in London that carries a lot of Liberty fabric, it's called Shakat fabrics. We took on a long walking journey to find this place and it was a dream land! They have Liberty prints through the years, current season and past seasons. Of course the fabric was still expensive, but slightly cheaper than what we found at the big store. We got a couple more pieces to add to my collection! Slowly, but surely!

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