Middleburg AirBNB


Our first stop in The Netherlands was absolutely magical. We drove into this tiny neighborhood of Middleburg. Our GPS had a message that said we could not drive all the way to our destination, which we thought was a little odd. So we parked temporarily on the street as it had just slightly started sprinkling rain. We walked a couple streets over and found that our apartment was on a bike-only street. Our warm and friendly hosts walked us through the place and then told us we'd have to park about a 7 min walk away, which was actually delightful. Luckily we packed light because 7 minutes can seem like a lengthy walk when you have all your luggage on cobblestone streets and it's raining. But I loved being able to walk through the neighborhood, watching all the kids bike home from school, passing by the local antique shop, looking into the windows of shops and houses.

This apartment we stayed in had 3 floors. The main level was just the entry, the second floor had the kitchen and living area, and then the top floor had the bed and bathroom. The floors were extremely steep and no railing, so it was a little scary going back and forth with luggage, but this place was a dream nonetheless. Our hosts had left fresh flowers and wine for us and a kind note. The whole place was impeccably clean, which is a welcome change from relying on public transport for a week. The beds were comfortable, the towel warmer worked perfectly, the dishes were European, the floor had beautiful rugs. The windows had the best views. We could watch all of the street traffic below, but yet it was perfectly quiet.

In the evening time, we spent hours discussing our future, what we want to improve in our lives when we got back home, and we looked at Greg's mission pictures. A perfect first night in Holland!

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