Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart








No joke, I had this song from Anastasia stuck in my head for the entirety of our stay in Paris. Oo la la! 

We took a train into Paris in the morning and had to find our apartment rental in the rain. We learned that my jacket is not waterproof, as we had assumed. After 5 flights of the tiniest stairs I've ever seen, we finally made it to the top floor where we had rented a little place of our own. We had high anticipation for this one, because it had listed a washer/ dryer, skylights, and a mini kitchen. We quickly learned that the washer/dryer was broken, the skylights were leaky and had gotten the mattress soaked in the rain, and the kitchen was barely functional. But, hey! We saved a buck or two by booking there instead of a hotel. (Generally, we thought the AirBNB experience was good- but this place was the worst one we rented. More details on that in a future post.)

We set out to discover Paris! Greg was our handy dandy tour guide. He had bought a map book online and had marked all the places we wanted to go before time (which is so totally awesome). Our first stop was to the locks bridge - Pont de Arts. We had read an article a few months ago about how the locks are so heavy on the bridge that it is breaking it. So they had someone come with a chain saw and remove them. When we got to the bridge, we learned that they had already completed that undertaking and replaced the normal railing with particle board with pink graffiti art. But we quickly learned as we kept walking around, that if there is a spot to put a lock in Paris, it has been done. We found several more bridges that were covered in locks. Pretty cute concept, but seems kind of annoying if you have to maintain the space. Ha! So practicality led the way on this one and we opted to not "lock our love." All the while walking hand in hand, talking about the other ways we lock our love. Ah, newlyweds!

The rest of the day was spent at Notre Dame, browsing the bridges, buying crepes and ice cream, and doing a lot of people watching. 

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