Amsterdam AirBNB

Our AirBNB rental in Amsterdam was so pretty. Because it was our last rental, we spent a little more than our others. And I'm so glad we did because by the end of the trip we were getting a bit worn out from all the rental spaces. We were anxious to be comfortable back in our home, but this place was pretty darn great. 

It was in a nice area of town. And even though it was a bit further from the tourist attractions we visited, it was nice to feel like a local. We learned that all of those tall buildings that face the street are pretty narrow. But in the middle of two rows, they have a big private garden for the surrounding tenants. The only way to enter is through the back doors of the homes that surround the space. We felt pretty lucky that our cute, red, double french doors greeted the garden space. 

One afternoon, we came home really tired from all the walking. All the travel was starting to wear on us and we were getting pumped for normal schedules. So we came home earlier in the day, took naps, and then got dressed up to go to a fancy pizza shop around the corner. After our nap, I wandered through the gardens and then Greg came and found me so we took a few pictures. We set up our camera on the picnic table and did set up self-timer. Then we started doing some jumping pics, but it took us awhile to figure out the right timing, so I think we were getting a bit loud laughing each time we totally missed the chance to jump. I looked up on top of one of the buildings and there was an older Dutch fellow sitting on the top, watching us laughing. He looked down and smiled. It was a nice moment. But he must have thought we were two love-crossed young crazy folks. 

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