We absolutely loved Amsterdam! It is so beautiful. There were so many quirky shops that I loved. I don't always love shopping, but I loved Dutch shopping. I wanted to buy everything. Vintage stamps, the clothes, all the cheese, the fun little toys, the dish towels, the washi tape, the furniture. 

I did come home with a few small items. Mostly loads of post cards and a chambray Japanese blouse from the thrift shop. One of the thrift shops we went to had such a cool philosophy, the price was based on weight. Every section of the store was organized by price and then if you wanted to know how much it was going to cost, there were scales all around to check the price. Because the blouse I bought was made of really lightweight material, it was only about $5 US. Steal of a deal! 

We also loved most of the food we ate here. Greg had been to Amsterdam one time on his mission, but he didn't know all the best places to go, but he did know that The Netherlands has killer Indonesian food. We stopped for chicken satay anytime we saw it and Greg was in heaven! We had great pizza, and lots of delicious salads too. 

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