Mormon Churches in The Netherlands


One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to go see a Mormon congregation in a new place. I love seeing the way that the church materials, policies, and organization are consistent from place to place- but that the culture they are in is so unique based on where you are visiting. I loved seeing all the little details, like the primary materials in Dutch, the cross stitch of the temple, plants in the Sunday school room, and the classic tablecloth in the Relief Society room.

When we went to Nijmegen we got to meet up with Greg's friend, Job. He has been the ward mission leader for this branch for years. He opened up the church building and let me take a look around. Just seeing all the spaces in the building made me a bit teary-eyed. It was a neat experience for me to see where Greg had taught the gospel and cooked in the little kitchen for church gatherings. When you're a young wide-eyed dreamer like me, you think "Where is my husband at this very moment?" And walking through that church that he had served in for 6 months brought a feeling of, "Oh, this is where he was."

Here are a few more pictures of another Mormon church we visited in Hilversum:

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