Rijks Museum & Bike Rentals

On one of our full days in Amsterdam, we rented bikes. We'd been pumped for this the entire trip but alas, I wasn't quite so good. We went to the rental place and they gave us matching red bikes. It's known in Amsterdam that only tourists use red bikes, so that was a nice way to fit in with the locals. :) 

No one wears helmets but the thought of not having one made me so nervous, that I swallowed my pride and asked for a helmet. Unfortunately my head is so small that I couldn't fit into an adult-sized helmet so I had to use the child size, which meant neon with little ladybugs. 

We rode our bikes to the Rijksmuseum and barely survived. Actually, we were totally fine. But I did make us stop twice and I cried because I was so nervous. Just for the record, I can ride a bike alright, but downtown biking with lanes and cars and tons of pedestrians is a whole different story. Greg was leading the way, but is much more confident riding than I am. I had to remind him that he spent two years becoming very comfortable with this type of urban biking but that he is married to a worry-wart who really didn't want to crash on the streets of Amsterdam. Ha! 

So we finally get to the museum, park our bikes, and have a lovely stroll. We had a great breakfast, stopped by the Van Gogh Museum, walked through the Rijksmuseum and found nearby Vondelpark to ride more comfortably. Everyone was cutting through the park on their way to different places and the people watching was superb. 


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