Thanksgiving 2015




I'm loving Thanksgiving more and more. A holiday centered around food and one big meal of savory delights? Sign me up!

We were with the Snyder's this year. It was just a small gathering: My parents, Lizzy, Greg and me, my Uncle Jerry, and my Grandma Marilyn. I like small gatherings for holiday meals because there is less quantity of food, but more quality. It was a beautiful spread. Lizzy rocked the table decor, Jerry rocked the pies, Grandma rocked the marshmallowed yams, I rocked the green bean casserole, Greg rocked the roasted root vegetables, my dad rocked the turkey, my mom rocked the salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and probably a lot of other things I'm forgetting about.

I bought a new gingham dress the week before that I have lived in ever since. Might be my favorite dress I've ever purchased. Could be the gingham, or could be the fact that I had to spend hours reconstructing the sleeves because they were too tight on my arms, but I refused to not buy it.

The next day Greg and I spent a fun time with his parents. We went to lunch, shopped a bit, and saw a movie. But alas, I didn't get any pictures.

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect start to the holiday season!

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