Holiday Season 2015


I'm back at work today, but still wishing the holidays were in full force. We had such a lovely holiday season this year. We shopped and designed our holiday stockings together. They took me forever to make, but I really loved them in the end! It was so fun having a little more space to decorate this year, and having a fireplace has made everything especially charming.

My friend, Martha, and I attended the holiday display workshop at Anthropologie back in October and we made the fun star tree topper that we have. It's made for thin pieces of tin that we cut and corrugated. And as always, I put up the sweet little olive wood nativity that I got in Jerusalem 7 years ago. I love that the stable is a hollowed-out olive tree.

One of the photos is of our dining room that has an extra table and chairs around it. We borrowed those from my parents for a fun holiday dinner we had with Greg's friends.  Everyone contributed and it was such a delicious spread: an Italian salad, cheese and crackers, homemade rolls, mashed herb potatoes, grilled pork tenderloin (Greg gets major props for grilling with his head lamp in the bitter cold!), roasted carrots with feta and parsley, and peppermint ice cream sundaes for dessert. We had a fun little white elephant gift exchange too.

The day after the party we hosted, we had back to back parties the rest of the weekend. The next up was Greg's holiday party for Skullcandy up in Park City. It was a really lovely event. They had a live jazz band, a photo booth, and a bunch of food truck vendors. I even got a fancy drink with fresh ginger, mint, and lime. It's always fun to be up in Park City on Main Street in the evening, it's so fancy up there!

The next day we had the Woolston family party. I didn't grab any photos but we had a great time at Greg's aunt and uncle's house.

We had to leave the Woolston party early to get home and change for my work party. We dressed up and went to Sundance. It was so beautiful up there. Greg is always a champ to drive up the canyon in less than ideal conditions. The food was so good. Seriously, Sundance hits it out of the park. The appetizers were amazing and both Greg and I have been dreaming about the braised short rib with the horseradish cream sauce. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find a recipe that is similar, but with no luck. (Feel free to send over if you have a recommendation!)

A few other fun things:
- We went to our neighbor's house and he played the organ that literally takes up their entire first floor. So cool!

- Two of my sisters came home for the holidays so we met up at City Creek to do some holiday shopping.

- On Christmas Eve, we had the Woolstons over for breakfast and games. Then Greg and I opened up our gifts to each other. Once again, Greg rocked the wrapping. Then we went over to Greg's grandpa a bit later for a big dinner with the Heaton extended family. Then we had some Woolston family time with matching PJ's and opening gifts.

- Late Christmas Eve, Greg and I drove through the craziest snow storm to get to Alpine. The next morning we opened gifts, made breakfast, shoveled the driveway, had a great meal with my extended family, played games, and tried out our new selfie stick!

All in all, a fabulous holiday! It's so fun to have two families and two companies to celebrate with. Merry Christmas!

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