Snowy Drives

Last weekend, we traveled down to Lehi on a Sunday morning. We wanted to change it up a little bit so instead of going on the freeway, we went down Redwood Road and then up past Camp David and the new security data center (I now know what that big building is thanks to Edward Snowden!). It was crazy foggy as we got into the mountains. As in, we could barely see 100 yards ahead of us. We went to Greg's uncle's church in Lehi because he was giving a talk. And then our extended family all gathered at his house for a luncheon because he is going to be working in China for the next year. They decided to have a Mexican themed meal- and it was delicious! I made this tres leches cake, from Smitten Kitchen and I must say, it was really really good. She serves hers with maraschino cherries, but I added strawberry slices instead and it really was a crowd pleaser. Sadly, I only took one picture right before our last bite. So I guess that's just an excuse to make it again so I can take a better photo! 

After the family dinner, we went on a little drive near Fairfield, Utah. This area might be one of Greg's very favorites in the world. His favorite place to dirtbike is a little more south of here at a place called 5-mile pass. It is just open dirt and hills and trails for as long as you can see- a dirtbiker's dream! He goes there all the time but I had never been out there, so it was good to see where he loves to ride. 

I made Greg stop the car so I could take some of these pictures on the snowy road. It was just so beautiful with the lake, the mountains, the foggy sky. It looked like someone had taking a paintbrush mixed with white and blue and just covered the canvas in long, wide strokes. I love the snow. I love how magical it makes everything feel. It's like putting a big, beautiful white formal tablecloth on the whole valley. 

I'm also loving the truck. Greg has always loved the truck, of course. But the more we spend time outside and get to go to places that we could only visit with a truck or AWD, it makes me more and more grateful for this car he loves. 

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