Star Wars Episode 7!

Greg loves Star Wars! He is probably a better candidate to write this post, but I'm the one who loves documenting - so here I go! 

On our honeymoon (Nov 2014) the first teaser for the new Star Wars came out. At this point, I knew that Greg really loved Star Wars. I had seen the lego collections in his room and he made sure we watched the entire series before we got married. But when the teaser came out, I saw a whole new side of him. We watched the teaser clip several, several times. I didn't mind, but I knew that I probably needed to get on board with Star Wars and learn to love it as much as him. I mean, I know that I'll never match his level of enjoyment- just check out this video I took of him when he watched the official trailer of Episode 7 for the first time. 

After this, we got serious. We bought tons of tickets that night, and began our marathon the next day. We watched every free moment we had and we even enjoyed a few meals as a "picnic on a blanket" in front of the T.V. We cut it real close. We finished episode 6 on Thursday night with only an hour to spare until we needed to leave to the movie theatre to catch the premiere of episode 7. 

Here is a little video of us on our way to the theater for the premiere!

We loved it! Greg was especially giddy and I had to keep reminding him to breathe while we were watching. It was really fun. So this was all on Thursday night. The two of us just went alone to an 8:30 PM showing. 

But then we also bought 13 tickets for Saturday morning so that both of our entire families could enjoy it together. We all met up at the Jordan Commons megaplex where we had reserved the entire row for the fam. It was pretty fun to all be together. My little sister hadn't seen any of the other movies, so Greg gave her a quick recap on the phone while she was driving to the theater. Ha! 

Here we have Michelle, John, and Logan. Michelle is Greg's aunt. They came all the way from Tooele!

Here's Greg with his dad, Megan (his sister), and mom. Sadly Megan's husband had to work so he couldn't come. 

Woolston clan!

Snyder clan! 

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