The Ultimate Snow Storm

About a month ago, we had our first major snow storm in Salt Lake. I knew snow was in the forecast, but not how much. I woke up at about 5:30 am on the Monday morning and I was so excited about the snow! I woke up Greg and then pulled out my snow boots and ran outside with my camera. 

There's something special about the first big snow storm. It's like I've forgotten all year how magical it is when there is snow everywhere. The street is so quiet and everything is still. I was inside by the window when the first snow plow came through and everything looked so covered like a blanket of white had just toppled over. I think my favorite thing is the trees, all decorated with snow. 

We didn't worry too much about traffic and left our house the same time we normally did to get to work. But then we were both stuck for an hour and a half trying to get in. It didn't even occur to me that I could have stayed and worked from home instead. 

Dinner that night was a creamy chicken rice soup near the fireplace. 

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