Bryce Canyon National Park

What a great visit we had at Bryce Canyon! We stopped there on our way home from St. George on the Monday of President's Day. I didn't realize quite how far it was from the freeway, but Greg handled all the driving like a champ while I went in and out on naps. Which is unfortunate because I missed a nice pass through the Dixie National Forest.

I went to Bryce Canyon with a college art group during the summer before my senior year. We had a group of students with us from an art college in Liverpool. They had never seen anything like this before and it was really neat to watch their reactions to the landscape. But going with Greg was even better. This was his first time at Bryce, and he was real giddy about it. I wish I would have filmed his "first look" because he literally dropped his jaw and was in shock about how beautiful the amphitheater is. He kept saying things like, "This is magical! This is awe-inspiring!"

We drove around to a few different points around the park, but most of the trails were covered in snow and it was rather wet so we opted to stay out of the dirt this time. But that Navajo Trail from Sunset Point looks like a great little jaunt, so hopefully we'll be back before the year's end!

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