Zion National Park

The year of the national parks! Greg has been watching a lot of adventures shows on YouTube. They are usually shows about a bunch of dudes driving around in the wilderness on all sorts of transportation vehicles and then they get in a bind and they have to rig up some solution to get out of the mud or something. He loves it! Ha. So he's been itching for more outdoor adventures. He came up with a great plan for the year to get to some areas in the U.S. he's been wanting to visit. And he knows how much I love a plan, so he typed it all out for me in calendar format :)

We're going on a week long road trip in a couple of weeks and so we planned to have a low key month to gear up for that. But this past weekend, the pollution was so bad in Salt Lake and we were tired of the cold, foggy days. So we headed down to southern Utah with my parents and little sister, Lizzy. My mood improved the closer we got to seeing the sun as we drove away from the pollution. More on that in a future post...

The first night we were there, we had a lovely supper of grilled chicken fajitas and sat in the hot tub. The next day we spent some time off-roading. My parents have a Razr so we packed in that and followed Greg around on his dirt bike on some trails near Gunlock reservoir, by Veyo. Poor Greg had to turn around when his tires kept getting stuck in snow, but it was a great day nonetheless.

The next day was Valentine's day! We went to church in the morning, then came back and packed up a lunch and took the truck for a long drive to Zion National Park. (The last picture shows the truck with the Zion sign!) They aren't running the shuttle this time of year, so we had quite a long wait to enter the park, probably 30 minutes parked or going 1 MPH. But once we got the front, we bought an annual pass to the national parks. Most parks cost $30/car and the pass is only $80/ year so if you plan on going to at least 3 parks, you've already saved money!

We drove all around, through the tunnels, on the steep curves, and marveled at the canyon and red rock. It was pretty crowded, especially being a holiday, President's Day weekend, and a Sunday. But it was still lovely. We actually kind of appreciated how slow it was because that meant we could drive slow and take it all in.

We drove to the end of the park and did the 2 mile path to the entrance of the Narrows. It's lovely and paved and the weather was so perfect. Then we filled our water bottles with fresh spring water at the end of the walk.

It's amazing to have grown up in a state that is so beautiful and has so many natural wonders near the places I live. Hoping to see a lot more this year!

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