Lovely Los Angeles


When we were planning our honeymoon, Greg was really rooting for Disneyland. The more we talked about it, the more it didn’t really make sense for that weekend of Thanksgiving so instead we had a lovely time up at Zermatt in Midway. But ever since, we’ve been planning a time we could go to Disneyland. Finally, this spring the stars aligned and we went to Disneyland on Greg’s birthday. He’s pretty lucky that early March is a perfect time to go, because I have a feeling we’ll be planning more birthday Disney trips in his future. 

We made a long trek from Salt Lake City in our car. It was a lovely road trip with such cool scenery along the way. We first stopped for a night in Ivins, at my parent’s house. And then we drove to Las Vegas and stopped there for church. Then we headed to Santa Monica to visit an old co-worker of Greg’s from Skullcandy. 

Lastly, we headed to our AirBNB rental that was right on Hollywood Blvd. Unbeknownst to us normal folks who don’t keep up with the celebrity world, this night was the Oscars and our rental was only a couple blocks away from Dolby Theatre. I was worried there would be major traffic and it would be hard to do anything, but luckily the traffic was pretty much cleared before we got there and we were asleep by the time guests were heading out. So instead we got a cool, calm downtown for our stay (with plenty of police escorts!). We walked to the most delicious ramen restaurant and around Hollywood Blvd. We were able to catch a visit to my favorite store, Muji, before they closed. Happy accident! 



The next day we had an early breakfast, checked out, and headed to the fashion district. I bought gobs of gorgeous fabric for clothing and quilting, elastic, buttons, table cloths, pillow forms. It was a dream! 

We had an amazing lunch and a quick stop for ice cream and then headed to the new Petersen Automotive Museum. Greg was like a kid in a candy store! They had lots of cool cars and the museum design was really neat. They had a section dedicated to dirt bikes and they had a video playing about families that dirt bike and how it’s such a big part of their family culture and their connection to the environment. It was actually pretty moving and I was tearing up. Ha! Cars and bikes have never been very important to me but I’m learning to love them because of Greg. 

The end of our day was spent in the car driving along the coast. We got to drive past the Port of Los Angeles, which was actually really neat. It’s crazy to see all the huge shipping carriers and all the machinery that goes into maintaining such a huge port. We kept driving until we made it to Huntington Beach for fish tacos. The Woolstons love Duke’s fish tacos so we followed with tradition and grabbed a few on our way to our next AirBNB. Delicious! 

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