Rebecca's Birthday 2016

I had a really nice birthday this year. Greg has learned that I like to open up presents first thing in the morning! So he had a few gifts for me waiting at the foot of our bed. I got to wear a new shirt and come to work. My office had been decorated so nicely by my co-workers and they had brought me flowers. My sister, Emily sent me some gorgeous flowers as well. 

For lunch, I brought a quilt and took a bunch of my co-workers up to a nearby park where we ate our lunches we brought from home. Greg had made me a nice, hearty, cobb salad. I made oreo cake bites the night before so we could have a little treat afterwards. 

Then after dinner, Greg and I met with up my parents at this cute little Italian restaurant in Sugarhouse. We tried so many delicious things and ended the night with a cannoli. Divino! 

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