Spring Cooking 2016



One of the big perks of finally getting to the spring season and starting Daylight Savings time is that I can take pictures of our dinner before we eat! Woot woot! We made so many delicious things in the winter that I wanted to take pictures of, but the light was just off and it didn't work. I LOVE talking about food and so it's really nice to have my instagram account that's just dedicated to food chats with my friends. And Greg doesn't mind too much that I make him wait to eat so I can take pictures. :)

In general, we've gotten real into Asian foods this spring. We've made lettuce wraps and stir fries, and we figured out a new ramen pack that we buy online. We've been making our own ramen with toppings and roasted pork belly and it's really fun. We still love to get pho take out on rainy days, but it's nice to be able to make some of those things ourselves. So this spring, I finally went and bought all those Asian ingredients that pretty much go in every recipe: rice vinegar, hoisin, green curry paste, fish sauce, sesame oil, etc. It's crazy how many new things we can make now that we have the staples!

We're also trying to eat a few more meals that are meat-free, so vegetarian fajitas are always a hit. And then we put the toppings on salads throughout the week. I made the smitten kitchen recipe for homemade meatballs and they were incredible! Next time I'll have to half the recipe because we ate meatballs for days and now it's probably going to be another year until I will want them again. We've also been buying Harmon's sourdough artisan bread pretty much every week when we go to the grocery store. I really love bread, but ever since Greg did the paleo diet a few years ago, he's been less into the bread world. But now that we've found a bread that we both really love, it's fun to have more meals surrounding it. 

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