Temple Square Sunday: Love Where You Live



I used to read this blog, called Design Mom. She had a featured called "Love Where You Live" and she would go out and do some sort of touristy type thing in her own town. She encouraged other bloggers to do the same and it was cool to see what people were experiencing that they might not usually take time for. 

Greg and I met in the month of April and one of our first dates was at Temple Square. He had asked me on a couple dates but I wanted to return the favor. My mom had gotten some tickets to a concert at the tabernacle of Handel's Messiah. So I asked Greg to go with me. He came to my apartment and then we walked to Temple Square. About 20 minutes into the performance, he held my hand for the first time!! It was absolutely magical. Then he held my hand on the walk home. So I guess you could say our love blossomed around the same time the flowers at Temple Square were blossoming. 

We went back last year to see the tulips and it was lovely, as expected. 

This year has been a bit crazy for us, and a little overwhelming emotionally. We had a free Sunday afternoon and I had mentioned that we ought to go to Temple Square sometime while the flowers are in beautiful bloom. 
Greg said, "Well let's go right now." 
And I said, "Well I don't know, we probably have other stuff we should get done."
But he convinced me. He's the sweetest. So we drove over and took some fun pictures of the flowers. He wore my purse and the camera bag across his body and said, "Bec, take a picture. And then caption it "Instagram Husband." :)

I was crouching down in a flower bed to take some pictures and there was a woman who is a senior missionary there, and she said, "Your skirt matches those flowers too perfectly! Let me take a picture of you!" It was really sweet. 

On our way home, Greg played Salt Lake tour guide barbie and stopped at the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. I had never heard of this place, but he said that there was a sphinx with Joseph Smith's face at the top. Ha! So we thought we ought to check it out. It was a little bizarre but these are the little quirks that make Salt Lake City what it is! 

This Sunday was one of the best ones we've had in awhile. We came home and made BLT's for dinner and prepped some lunches and snacks for the week, and made some cookies for dessert. Yum! We love this stage of our life and having so much time to be together. 

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