Mother's Day

A quick recap of Mother's Day this year! At church we got some chocolates! Well technically I did, but I figured since I'm not a mom, Greg is just as entitled to the chocolates. 

That afternoon we headed to Alpine and made dinner for my mom, grandma, and Uncle Jerry. I made floral arrangements for all the ladies in our life, but this one for my mom turned out the best! My sister Emily bought the flowers and I arranged them for her. Then we gave our grandma some ranunculus flowers and snap dragons for Lillian! I love making floral arrangements!

The next night, we had Greg's parents over for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. I was hoping to make dinner but I got stuck at work. I came home to Greg baking up a storm! And it was so sweet, I had to document it. With Ray's kidney trouble, he can't have salt or dairy so Greg came up with an excellent plan to have a lemon layer cake. Then he made a raspberry sauce for between the layers. Finally he rounded it all out with a dairy free lemon frosting. He finished it off by dyeing the extra frosting a lovely shade of purple (his mom's favorite) and then piping "Happy Mother's Day" on the top. 

I was so impressed! I mean, I've always known he can cook but every time he bakes, I'm always in awe. Especially when he does all the shopping too. This guy is the real deal. 

Moab: Long Canyon & Canyonlands National Park

Our last adventure in Moab was driving through Long Canyon. We missed the turn off because it was such a tiny little road right off the train tracks in the middle of nowhere. We started driving around and came across a sign that said this area is a preservation for desert long-horn sheep. So I was searching for sheep the next few hours. This was probably the most nerve-wracking of the trails we went on because we hardly saw anyone. Every trail was steep, the curves were sharp, and I was a little bit of a stress case. We ended up turning around right near the end because there was a really steep part that had huge boulders and I was too worried we would get stuck and no one would know where we were! But Greg was a good sport, listened to his wife and turned around. :)

On our way home, we drove through Canyonlands National Park. It was stunning, as expected. It was really windy so we just did a quick walk around the look out point. Greg will come back someday and take on the White Rim trail.


Moab: Devil's Garden Campground

The campground on our second night was quite possibly the most beautiful campground I have ever been to. It's called Devil's Garden and it's at the very back of Arches. We set up our tent earlier in the day because we worried it was going to rain, but instead it was just really windy. We tried to take a nap but it was far too warm. We cooked our tinfoil dinners that had been packed in dry ice so they were still slightly frozen, but they cooked up great. After some s'mores, we went on another hike. We had planned to just relax around the campground, but we were next door to a group of 3 young families. They had at least 6 kids under the age of 4, which meant that someone was crying at all times. I'd like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for crying children because I've spent so much time babysitting and with my nieces and nephews, but we didn't think the parents were handling the situation very well. One kid would start crying and the parent would snap back and yell at them even louder than the tears and the sound just kept amplifying against the big rocks. It was kind of unfortunate for us, so we just tried to make the best of the situation and take more hikes!

In the evening, we went to the campground amphitheater for a ranger talk. The park ranger was a super cute gal who used to be an art museum curator in Chicago and then she discovered the outdoors, moved to Utah, and is now a park ranger. She taught us about the sounds we'll hear at night in this area and which animals they are. She went around and asked everyone where they were from and we felt REALLY cool to be locals.

It rained pretty much all night while we were in the tent but Greg's Marmot tent kept us completely dry! Woot woot. 

Moab: Arches



The next day we went to Arches National Park! I haven't been back since I was in 3rd grade and Greg had never been so we were feeling real pumped! First thing we did was head to Delicate Arch before it got too warm. The hike was longer, steeper, and hotter than I expected. But we pulled through and were greeted by the most amazing sight. It's really cool that you don't see the Delicate Arch until you finish the hike. Then you turn the corner, and there it is! Greg kept saying, "This is Utah, Bec! This is our license plate!" We love our license plates so it was fun to see the arch in person. 

After lunch we found another off-roading trail in the park. In the middle of the trail there was this wide open space which of course made me think of the Dixie Chicks. So we stopped the car and made a short music video until a car came past and blew dust everywhere. Ha! 

We also stopped by Double Arch and Landscape Arch this afternoon. Such cool landscapes and pretty walking trails.