Moab: Arches



The next day we went to Arches National Park! I haven't been back since I was in 3rd grade and Greg had never been so we were feeling real pumped! First thing we did was head to Delicate Arch before it got too warm. The hike was longer, steeper, and hotter than I expected. But we pulled through and were greeted by the most amazing sight. It's really cool that you don't see the Delicate Arch until you finish the hike. Then you turn the corner, and there it is! Greg kept saying, "This is Utah, Bec! This is our license plate!" We love our license plates so it was fun to see the arch in person. 

After lunch we found another off-roading trail in the park. In the middle of the trail there was this wide open space which of course made me think of the Dixie Chicks. So we stopped the car and made a short music video until a car came past and blew dust everywhere. Ha! 

We also stopped by Double Arch and Landscape Arch this afternoon. Such cool landscapes and pretty walking trails. 

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