Moab: Gemini Bridges





After we left Crystal Geyser, we headed further down south. We were going to go on an off road trail to get to Moab from Crystal Geyser but it was a little longer than we wanted to spend on that trail. So we drove on the highway and went into town for a quick pit stop.

Then we headed up to the Gemini Bridges trailhead. We were using an off-road book that had an illustrated map so we didn't really know what to anticipate. But then we started driving up a steep mountain and there was no turning back! It was a little nerve-racking to be up so high in a car that could roll down the edge, but Greg handled it like a champ.

After about an hour, we made it to Gemini Bridges and had the whole place to ourselves! It was really cool to be so high on the rocks since I'm used to usually just looking up at them from the bottom.

After exploring around the bridges, we took a different trail that led us to the highway. That's one thing that I loved about off-roading in our car. Instead of having to go back to a trailer at the trailhead, you can just keep going anywhere you want. Fun stuff!

Then we went to town for dinner and had some mediocre Mexican food and headed to our KOA type campground for the night. They had showers and a really nice bathroom. Not exactly roughing it, but I didn't hate it. :) They even had a kitchen. We were planning to have those omelettes that you cook in a ziploc bag over boiling water. We tried it for a bit and got impatient, so we just nuked it in the microwave. Ha!

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