Mother's Day

A quick recap of Mother's Day this year! At church we got some chocolates! Well technically I did, but I figured since I'm not a mom, Greg is just as entitled to the chocolates. 

That afternoon we headed to Alpine and made dinner for my mom, grandma, and Uncle Jerry. I made floral arrangements for all the ladies in our life, but this one for my mom turned out the best! My sister Emily bought the flowers and I arranged them for her. Then we gave our grandma some ranunculus flowers and snap dragons for Lillian! I love making floral arrangements!

The next night, we had Greg's parents over for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. I was hoping to make dinner but I got stuck at work. I came home to Greg baking up a storm! And it was so sweet, I had to document it. With Ray's kidney trouble, he can't have salt or dairy so Greg came up with an excellent plan to have a lemon layer cake. Then he made a raspberry sauce for between the layers. Finally he rounded it all out with a dairy free lemon frosting. He finished it off by dyeing the extra frosting a lovely shade of purple (his mom's favorite) and then piping "Happy Mother's Day" on the top. 

I was so impressed! I mean, I've always known he can cook but every time he bakes, I'm always in awe. Especially when he does all the shopping too. This guy is the real deal. 

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