Camping at Diamond Fork




Last weekend, we went camping up Spanish Fork Canyon. At the end of last summer we made a resolution to take more weekend camping adventures this year. Greg's high school friends used to do a lot of backpacking trips together but these days it's harder for them to get together. So we packed up some cars and did an overnight camp trip. Michael and Sarah did all of the cooking and it was incredible! Dutch oven BBQ chicken and cheesy potatoes with a caesar salad and corn on the cob. For dessert they made a fresh blackberry cobbler that was so legit. For breakfast they had blueberry pancakes, sausage and orange juice. Yum! Such a fun little weekend away!

I had never been to this campground but my mom has spent a lot of time at Diamond Fork. Her parents had an RV when she was growing up in Spanish Fork. So they would drive up the canyon and leave the RV there all week. I've heard about lots of fun memories and stories of their time up there. 
I never got to meet my grandma and my grandpa died shortly after I was born so I don't have any memories of either of them. But when I see an RV at a campground, I always think of them. 

On one of my visits to the restroom this weekend, I was taking the long walk back to our camp site by myself. I walked past at an elderly couple working to put together a big meal in a roasting pan outside of their RV. It sounded like they were preparing for a large family gathering later in the evening. I got a little teary as I thought about how much my grandparents would have enjoyed doing that same thing with their grandkids up Diamond Fork this weekend. And how challenging it is for my mom and our family that they had to leave this earth as soon as they did. 

I'm grateful to enjoy this beautiful state that I love and be able to have a little break from cellphone service and to-do lists, and just spend time chatting and enjoying the view. Happy weekend!

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