Wildflowers at Albion Basin



My neighbor in Alpine, Val Goodrich, used to always tell me that I need to go see the wildflowers up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Back then I didn't even know which canyon was which and driving up there always stressed me out. But now that I am a Salt Laker and married a boy who knows worked at a ski shop at the base of the canyons and knows both Cottonwoods like the back of his hand, it's easy to go exploring! 

The past two summers we've wanted to go up and see the wildflowers but we were always too late or too early. But this year we were on top of it and made it happen! And goodness, it seemed like everyone in the valley had the same idea last night. We drove around but couldn't find a parking spot near the top, so I ate our picnic dinner in the car while Greg warned me of big bumps coming up. Ha! When we finally found a parking spot, we walked around and Greg got to eat his dinner too. You know me, my hunger rules my world! 

It was lovely up there and we loved seeing the flowers. Yet again, grateful for a beautiful place to live and such wonderful views close to our home! 

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