Domain Purchasing

Funny little story I wanted to quickly write down...

It's difficult when you are a web designer and you don't know how many websites you should have, or how many domains you should buy and then redirect to your different online spaces. I've created several portfolio websites for myself through the years, I had a personal blog that I turned into The Woolstons blog, I have an etsy shop, and I may want to have a site that's just dedicated to freelance or other random stuff to sell that isn't design work. I have some that redirect to other sites, some are connected to a CMS system and some are just hard coded and I pay hosting. The point is... it's just consistently an area of confusion in my life and I'm constantly making new decisions about my online space.

So it's fitting that my marriage and name change was something that added to the complexity. I was reviewing my domain account several months into dating Greg. I was trying to figure out which domains to renew and then I panicked and thought, "Ah, I better grab something with my possible new last name." I called my sister and asked if I was crazy. I was worried that Greg would see the confirmation email and then be super weirded out and break up with me. But I finally decided that I would take the plunge and just risk it. I didn't want to lose the URL!

So I went ahead and bought rebeccawoolston.com, gregwoolston.com (I saw his name was available and I thought- ah what the heck?!), gregandbecca.com, and thewoolstons.com. I know it's a small thing, only cost me like $40. But it felt like the most brave thing to just boldly purchase a URL and commit to a new name. I think in my head, it also committed me to Greg. I had been grappling with the marriage decision and the large weight of that for a bit. Buying these domains was like a confirmation of "Yes, of course this is what I want." It wasn't buying a ring or anything, but for me it felt like the equivalent.

Two weeks later, he proposed. And I told him about the domains. :) He didn't think I was crazy. I can't speak for him, but I'm sure he probably appreciated that I had made my decision a few weeks prior.

This week marks two years since I bought those domains and they are set to expire. We're going to keep some and let go of a few others. It's a little sad to me that I'm losing some of them because they mark an important moment in my life. But it's all good, because now I have someone who is with me in all my domains- on the web and in my life.

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