Hobby Week



One of the perks of having more energy in the second trimester is that we're making more time for our hobbies. Greg has been baking up a storm and I've had more energy to cook other things. In those top photos, he made a steak and ale pie from scratch and it was incredible. That's even a "W" monogram in the top.

Greg has also been doing some maintenance on the dirt bike and taking apart the Magna and Suzuki. That boy is so happy in the garage and we're trying to make use of the space and time we have right now.

We reorganized the sewing room so that I can enjoy plenty more sewing in the space before we need to convert it to a baby space. I started working on my dream baby quilt. I went to the store and bought 36 different solid colors of fabric and made a rainbow quilt top. It came together really fast, but I wanted to do something different on the back. We were brainstorming what we could do and I told Greg a few of my ideas. I was trying to figure out how much fabric I would need and what the math would be on everything. We were both on the same page, but we came up with totally different ways to communicate. Mine is the top, and then his.

Ha! I got a pretty good chuckle over these diagrams. I focus on how it looks and he focuses on how it works. We figured out all the math with seam allowances and everything. It was fun to design and execute it together. I can't wait for the next quilt he can help me plan out. After I made the quilt top, we basted all 3 layers together while we watched the BYU vs Utah game. I hope our little boy appreciates the group effort we made in his baby quilt. Wishful thinking! He might not appreciate it for awhile, but at least it was fun for me. It's fun to picture him using it and taking pictures of him laying on top of it. Ah, we're so excited! 

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