Babymoon: Boston

Our next day of England fun was spent driving through Connecticut and Massachusetts. It was Columbus Day so there were many festivities happening. We first stopped at the Red Apple Farm in northern Massachusetts. I had been there with Emily, so I knew all the good stuff to show Greg. We got a meal cooked on their barbecue outside (pulled pork sandwich, cast iron skillet corn bread with apple butter, and really good french fries). We explored the orchards and the little shop, got a few different apple varieties, admired the petting zoo, sampled maple cotton candy (amazing!), and got apple cider doughnuts. It was a picturesque fall day! We even ran into a few of Emily's friends that I got to know in Boston, so that was a fun perk too. 

Greg guiding me on how to do a serious maternity pose. Ha! 


Greg was too distracted to smile in this picture because he really wanted our half doughnuts to match up to make a full circle. Ha! 

After a couple more hours of driving, we went to Emily's favorite ice cream spot, Kimball Farm. We were lucky to be there because it was the last day they were open this year. We didn't realize how large the ice cream scoops would be and couldn't end up finishing them, which was the saddest. But it was delicious and fun to be there! 


We made it to Boston that day, returned our rental car, and checked into our favorite rental of the trip. We had a king bed! Our own bathroom! A nice kitchen! Close to a grocery store! It was a really nice place. Greg reminded me that we don't need to overdo it or try to do too many touristy things and that it's ok to just take time to relax. So that night we stayed in and it was great! I should listen to him more often. At this point of the trip, I was getting pretty tired walking around and my feet were really hurting. So I appreciated the recommendation to take it easy and I tried to calm down a lot more. 

The next day we spent on the Freedom Trail. Greg loves learning about the revolutionary war history, so this was fun to do together. We also went to the naval yard, which was fun for me because I had never been there. I showed him some of my favorite places to eat around town and he managed the subway system, like always. :) We walked around Beacon Hill and Boston Common too. 

For dinner we went to Giacomo's in Little Italy. I had heard about this place before but knew it was a crazy wait. We got there right when they opened and still had to wait 45 minutes but it was one of the best meals I've had. I had butternut squash ravioli in a savory mascarpone cheese sauce with asparagus. Greg had chicken parmesan and the tomato sauce was fab. There was bottomless bread and we got to sit at the bar so I could watch the chefs and it was awesome! The owner kept going back to the kitchen and taste testing the sauces with a chunk of bread. It was so fun! I kept talking about it for days! 


I was really happy to have another lobster roll. MY FAVORITE! 



Our last day in Boston was a bit short because we had to catch our flight, but we made sure to make time for a few extra stops. I showed Greg around Harvard and we went to Emily's old office at Harvard Business School to say hi to her co-workers. We walked around Harvard Square and I filled up on some of my favorite tools from Bob Slate Stationer. 

We went to MIT and saw some of the mechanical engineering exhibits and got to catch up with Ellen Patton, the sweetest lady in Massachusetts. She gave us a great recommendation to check out a fabric store and taco shop that we ended up loving! I found some wool felt there and I think I loved it even more than Purl Soho in New York. 

So many solids! I love it!


We took an Uber to the airport with the windows down on a really nice afternoon. We had such a good time on our trip. I especially loved the food and being able to put aside baby and real life stresses for awhile. The New England fall is so charming and I'm glad we got to experience it together! 

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