Babymoon: Connecticut

We rented a car in New York and headed north to Connecticut! It rained a fair amount, but the views were beautiful. Greg loves incorporating a road tip into any vacation we take, so this was a nice break to get out of the city and just enjoy sitting. :)

Greg hadn't been to New England since he was younger, so it was fun for him to drive around on all of the small two-lane roads of this area. And I only had to make him slow down a few times on the curves. We drove around a few state parks and took breaks to have meals and take pictures. Our AirBnB was in the middle of nowhere on several acres in Kent, CT. We learned the hard way that everything closes on Sunday nights so we ended up having to drive about 30 minutes away to find a meal. But we ended up at a lovely restaurant in Washington, CT. Emily and I came here a few years ago on a Gilmore Girls pilgrimage, so I actually knew right where we were at! 

Here's a few pictures of the fall leaves and covered bridges we found! 




We made it to Kent Falls State Park, which I read online was a MUST SEE of fall in New England. This is one of the pictures I saw to promote the park: 

And this is what it actually looked like! Ha! Not quite as amazing as we had anticipated. 



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