Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

Another pregnancy update! We're at 33.5 weeks and I truly feel a big difference in the pregnancy.

Energy & Sleep

As I read online, the fatigue has come back. I don't know if it's just because I've been doing more manual labor this month or if it's a combination of pregnancy, but my energy is lacking. I fall asleep pretty early and every afternoon, I feel like I need a nap. I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible, because I know I'll need to enjoy it while I can! 

Diet & Exercise

Could be the combination of the holidays and cravings, but I can't get enough sweets these days! Our office gets a lot of gifts from vendors so there is no shortage of chocolate and caramels and peppermint flavored delights. I've been eating a lot, a lot of Farr's peppermint stick ice cream with Trader Joe's hot fudge on top. I keep thinking that maybe I should tame the cravings, but who knows if I'll ever be pregnant over the holidays again? Formal exercise is pretty much non-existent right now because I use up any extra energy moving things around our new house and cleaning. We are in a split-level so it means more stairs and square footage than I'm used to, so I definitely feel like I'm getting a work out, just not in my normal "taking a walk around the block" or pre-natal yoga. 

I still have the energy to cook so I'm grateful for that. 


My biggest symptom this month has been a lack of air. We're approaching inversion season in the Salt Lake Valley and so pollution outside is a bit concerning. The rhinitis has been quite bad, especially at night. I've started sleeping with my head elevated, which means a sore neck in the morning, but at least I'm able to sleep more through the night. I'm congested all the time but I don't have any other cold symptoms. I've been grateful that I have been able to stay healthy and not pick up the flu that seems to be going around everywhere. I do feel like I'm short of breath quite regularly, mostly going up the several flights of stairs at my office. But I've heard this is normal because the baby is pressing on my lungs so it's harder to get a full breath. I'm looking forward to deeper breaths in the new year when I get to meet this little guy! 


We're all finished with our classes! My goal was to schedule them all before the holidays and I'm glad we did. Our last class was about breast feeding and we felt a lot more comfortable about the how-to's and how important it is to immediately get help if something seems off. I'm glad I have an arsenal of resources and know the signs to look for if it's a struggle for us. 

Baby's Movement

This guy is moving a lot! I noticed the kicks before, but they were always quite minimal. Now that he's getting so big, my stomach actually moves around and it's definitely noticeable to the human eye, instead of just touch. Greg and I both love to sit still at night and just watch him move all around. It makes this whole thing seem even more real! 

Baby Showers

We have a couple baby showers planned in the next few weeks that I'm really excited about! I'm excited to meet with old friends and new and gain some more advice on how to do all this! And I think it will be fun to start the celebrating for our new little guy. 

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