We Bought a House!

Finally, I can post about the biggest purchase of our lives! We bought a house! It's wonderful and perfect for us. As you may know, we've been looking for quite awhile. Here's a little timeline for history sake. :)

September 2015: Took a home-buying class in community education
January 2016: Met with a lender, got pre-approved for a home loan
February 2016: Met with our realtor, started looking at houses. Usually 2-3 a week.
March 2016: Submitted our first offer (a cute little house in the neighborhood where we were renting)
April 2016: More offers, including the house we thought was perfect.
May 2016: More offers!
June 2016: More offers! Found out we were expecting a baby!

At this point, I took a break from the house search. Every day, two times a day, we were getting emails that had all the specs of the houses that had gone on the market in our price range and zip code goals in the last 12 hours. I would read every single email and look at every listing, twice a day! It was a job in and of itself. I was pretty obsessive. I memorized specs, MLS numbers, I constantly had the app open. I'm one of those people that fully commits. Obviously.

I was getting super bummed when none of our offers were getting accepted. I felt like I did a pretty good job of separating myself from the emotional connection to specific houses. After 7 offers, I became pretty good at speeding through the paperwork and trying to just make it a financial decision. At this point I didn't really care about all the house details, I just wanted to make sure we locked one in. But as I was getting sick with pregnancy and found myself with less energy, I let it go. I stopped reading the emails. I felt like I only had so much capacity and the house hunt was sucking too much of it.

But Greg, he's the MVP of this story. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted after looking so many house visits. He kept looking at the emails, all-be-it a little more casually. I don't think he really read them every single day, but every couple days he would skim and see if square footage, list price, and zip code looked like a real possibility. About once a month we would go see something that looked promising. In November, he found this house. It was in an area that we really liked. We had put an offer on a similar house a few blocks away in June. So we went to see it.

We liked a lot of things about it, but it needs a ton of work to make it something we love. As we drove away, I complained about the entryway for a good 5 minutes and we didn't think much about it. A couple days later we were chatting about our long term goals and casually started talking about the house. The more we talked, the more we liked it. So we looked up the listing again and saw that the price had dropped. We took it as a sign that we could get it at the price we wanted. We liked that the price was dropping, the square footage was what we wanted, we were already sold on location, the garage was big enough to hold Greg's dreams for the next little bit, and as an added bonus- it's something we can comfortably live in for awhile as we save up to do remodels. Suddenly, we had to have it. So we called our realtor, made a plan, and drove to my office to get my laptop for the paperwork.

We went back and forth the next few days with the realtor and seller. The more complications arose, the more we wanted it. On Friday night, I couldn't sleep and I kept thinking "We have to have it! We have to get this one!" So I patiently (not my strong suit) waited for Greg to wake up. When he did, I told him how much I wanted it and that I felt like we had to lock it in before the open house on Saturday afternoon. So we called our realtor and told him how much we wanted it to happen and then headed to our all day labor and delivery class. A few hours later (while watching a live birth and epidural video in a hospital classroom) we got the call that they had accepted and we signed the final paperwork in the dark classroom. Woot woot! On our way home, we drove by the house and saw that no one was at the open house that they cancelled. BOO YAH!

We did our due diligence and closed the first week in December. We've been packing and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and we're finally getting close to being settled! We moved in December 10th with the world's best team. It was so nice to have so much help. Our coworkers boxes and packing supplies so we didn't need to buy much of anything. My parents rented us a huge U-haul truck and were ready on a drizzly Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to load it. Luckily, 8 guys from our elders quorum came over and loaded up the whole apartment in about 40 minutes. It was awesome. My brother Jesse came and helped load his truck too. We excused the elders and then the rest of us proceeded to the new house.

Greg's friends Uly, Isaac, and Michael all showed up to unload the truck which was awesome! Luckily it had stopped raining. My dad and Greg figured out some plumbing with the old fridge and all the guys helped take that around the house to the garage. Greg's sister Megan came with her impressive muscles and carried in furniture. She also built our bed with my brother so that we had a place to sleep that night. So grateful for that. I was worried we were going to have to sleep on the couches, which my pregnant back would not have loved. My mom was a trooper and unloaded all of the kitchen boxes and organized our kitchen in just a couple hours. It was crazy. She also came the day before and scrubbed the house for hours so that we would be ready to unload. Miracles, people. My dad calls her the Energizer bunny!

After we finished up with the unloading and another truck load to get Greg's garage stuff and a few things at his parents' house in Murray, Greg's friend Mo showed up for the next phase of the move. We drove the truck to Alpine to get some more furniture that we couldn't have loaded without him. Then we drove back in the rain and my brother and his girlfriend came over again to help us unload all of that stuff in the pouring rain and thus mud. We finally finished around 5 pm, which was just enough time for us to shower and leave to get to my holiday party up at Sundance. An absolute whirlwind of a day! But we were so, so grateful for all the help we had. And couldn't believe how fast we got it done. The next day, Greg's parents brought us dinner and leftovers for the next couple days. Which gave Greg and I some extra time to put up our Christmas decorations! Yay!

Here are a few pictures. Just remember, the kitchen is the real weak link. We're planning to remodel that this summer and unfortunately, we're not keeping the yellow counters! Kidding. It's a good thing we're ditching most everything in the kitchen. Just ask my mom who scrubbed every cabinet. Thanks mom!






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