Pregnancy Update: Baby Shower


Goodness, me. Sarah Jane threw me a baby shower this past weekend and I'm still in shock about all the kindness bestowed to me and our future little one. It's a sort of afterglow when you're driving home from an event in your honor and you have just seen all these people travel big or small distances to come support you and they even bring you a gift to help you on your transition. It's just a really lovely thing. And as an added benefit, I feel so much more prepared for bringing this baby home!

Sarah Jane kindly hosted it at her mother-in-law's house in Salt Lake City and lots of people came that I haven't seen in awhile, so it was great to catch up with so many. As we were packing up, my grandma said how nice it was to see how many different friends I have from different parts of my life. One from this random thing, 4 from this experience, etc. When they are all gathered in a room, it makes you appreciative of all the little pockets of experience I've had and the good people I got to meet.

One thing I really loved about the shower was that everyone was seated in a big circle. With each gift, I explained where I had met that person and then asked them for some advice or tell me something that they loved that their parents did for them. I didn't have much expectation with it, just thought it would be fun. But it ended up being really sweet to hear what meant a lot to my friends growing up. My digital record keeping is better than my physical record-keeping, so here's a few of the snippets I received.

Lindsey: It's ok to cry (both you and the baby). Her dad never worked when he came home, he would stay late and finish up at the office so that the kids knew when he was home, he was there's.

Sarah Jane: Trust yourself and your own motherly instincts. You know your child better than anyone else and you are his mom for a reason.

Kathy: Talk to your baby even if you don't think they understand you. Read to them.

Shana & Valentina: Don't get upset if your siblings spoil your kids, they love them and just want to be part of their life.

Grandma Johnson: Boil and sterilize bottles for 20 min. Tight swaddle on the babies.

Ahlin: She always knew where her mom was and that she would be home after school for her. She said parents always want to know where their kids are but kids wants to know where their parents are too.

Melissa: Her parents read a lot and had books everywhere around the house. They were an example of staying curious and learning new things.

Marissa: Your kids are never too old to be cuddled. Take care of them, even when they're adults.

Lillian: Be equal with your kids, don't have bottles in the crib when they have teeth.

Megan: Be patient. Hand off the baby when Greg gets home.

Amanda: Schedules are important. Have your baby take swimming lessons and then post pictures of it because it's adorable.

Lizzy: Don't say no, redirect their behaviors to something else. Have patience with them, especially in public.

Emily: Remember there are lots of ways to do things!

Mom & Deanna: Soak in all the time while they are little because they grow up fast.

Ashley: Don't try to do too much.

Danelle: Don't be afraid to give your kids Tylenol. It's safe and it will help them. Don't get too caught up in blogs or non-medical advice on the internet, read trusted medical sources. Don't stress about milestones or what your baby is "supposed" to be doing at a certain point. Everyone progresses a little differently.


This morning I'm listening to lullaby songs, feeling my baby kick inside my belly, watching the snow fall outside, wrapped up in the new baby blanket my mom just finished, writing thank you cards and feeling really grateful for all the kind words and gifts from my friends at the shower.

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