Pregnancy Update: More Baby Showers!



My mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw me a lovely baby shower this past weekend! Lillian made a lovely brunch spread with quiches, sweet rolls, fruits, breakfast casseroles, and flavored waters. There were lots of cute little boy decorations and toys for him to play with in the future. The picture of the piano has Greg's little blessing outfit. Lillian has kept in premium condition all these years and we can bless our little one in it too. I can't even handle how adorable those little fabric shoes are!

We had the Woolston extended family there and friends of the Woolstons through the years that have watched Greg grow up. It was a fun opportunity to hear lots of stories about Greg as a little boy and receive some more motherly wisdom about how to be a mom. And people were so generous, I'm just in awe of how kind everyone has been to us. When I came home and showed Greg all of the nice gifts, he said, "Wow this little boy is already loved so much!" 

The next week, the ladies at my office gathered at Gourmandise downtown for brunch to celebrate the baby! It was so nice to have so many of them there and get to chat about all the change coming up. 

A couple days later, my new neighborhood was so kind and threw me a baby shower. One of my neighbors I had only met once gathered a group of about 15 ladies and we went to Paradise Bakery and opened presents. Keep in mind, we've only lived the neighborhood for a month now and there were all these women that I had never even met who drove in the snow on a Thursday night and brought me gifts! It was so heartwarming and they just made me feel so welcome. And boy did they shower us with kind gifts. Two gals even made blankets and burp cloths! I'm just still in shock that people who have never met me and have no reason to be nice to me would issue such a thoughtful gesture. On my drive home from the restaurant I kept singing the words from Annie, "I think I'm gonna like it here!" 

The next task is writing thank you notes! I counted them all up and I have 67 to write! It's gotta be the best problem I've ever had. I just feel so much love from so many people in my life right now. I know that people have a lot of showers and celebrations that they attend in their life, but I just so appreciate all the efforts that people have made for us lately and the gracious kindness we've received. It really makes me feel uplifted and strong to take on this new adventure knowing that there's so many people rooting for us and ready to support us when we need help. 

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