Lars is in Charge

Greg loves to make up little songs. I didn't know this until after we were married and as we would get ready for the day he would sing to me, "Oh Rebecca, she's so kind, so sweet, so gentle..." Ha, it's great. But now there is a new special someone in his life and Lars is the main man in his songs. It's mostly just a melodic version of him saying, "You're a baby. You're a baby. Yes, you're such a sweet baby." If he's not singing that one, then it's this one... "Lars is in charge, yes Lars is in charge." Aint' it the truth? Lars has taken over our house and our hearts. I've seen some folks do what they call a "lifestyle newborn photoshoot" and it sounded really fun. I wanted to have some pictures to capture this phase of our life. Our new home and our new baby have transformed the past couple months of our life (and all our energy). My brother-in-law, Aaron, has started doing photography and he kindly offered to take some pictures of us when he was in town for a short visit to Utah. I'm certainly not the size I want to be and I haven't finished arranging things in our house, but I'm so so glad we took the time to capture this moment. Thank you so much Aaron! You're the best!




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