Lars: 6 Months Old








Little Lars is celebrating his half birthday today! My vote is that 6 months is the cutest age. Some of the things he loves: bouncing, standing, peek-a-boo, car rides, naps in strollers, anytime he's outside, rolling over and chillin' on his stomach, slamming his legs on the ground when he's hyper, listening to his parents sing, hands, being tickled on his back, solid foods, videos, mom's hair, dad's glasses, getting kissed.
Some of the things he dislikes: getting his nails clipped, lotion, getting burped, the bumbo, his car seat, rolling on his tummy in the crib, church, bibs. 
He takes 4 naps a day, nurses 6-7 times a day, sleeps pretty well at night but wakes up twice, and smiles at everyone he meets!

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