Singing to the Babe

Wow, it's literally been a year since I last posted. But I've been trying to remember to write down some things on something besides the Notes app in my phone.

Lars is 18 months now. We transitioned him to one nap a day last month and it's been a bit hit or miss. He usually only sleeps 2 hours at his nap but he's been sleeping in longer in the mornings which benefits both Greg and I. He's been quite tired in the mornings though, which means he is more grumpy and injuring himself rather easily because he's so delirious. We just turned on his noise machine and shut his black out curtains. I started singing to him as I changed his diaper and put him in his sleep sack. I got distracted by his diaper change and stopped singing. And then he said "more more" and did the baby sign for "more."
I said, "Huh, what do you want more of?" Because he usually says more after eating some type of food or when his dad throws him up in the air. He rarely says it for anything that I actually DO.
So he did it again, "More more!" And then added the new word he's been learning "please." I realized I had stopped singing.
I said, "Oh do you want me to keep singing to you?"

It melted my heart. So I kept singing. And then just set him down for his nap.

I remember the week we came home from the hospital. He wouldn't sleep. We were so tired. And I was bouncing him around the kitchen trying to calm him down. And then I thought, oh yeah, babies love to be sang to, that's totally a thing. So I started singing loud and proud. And he started crying more. It made him super mad. So then I was mad. I took him to Greg and I said, "This is the worst, our baby doesn't even want me to sing to him." I thought I was using my mother's intuition and going to have this precious moment with my little baby. But instead it just made me so sad and I never wanted to sing to him again.

But he just redeemed himself. Ha! I guess I'll keep singing.

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